Co-Chairs of the APPG write to Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Energy Minister

20 November 2020

Following the recent meeting of the East of England APPG on Infrastructure for a Net Zero region, the Co-Chairs of the APPG have written to Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

The meeting heard how the East of England is already at the epicentre of developments in decarbonising the energy sector and a frontrunner in contributing to meet the UK’s net zero carbon target through its potential for innovation in clean growth technology and solutions for renewables, including offshore wind, hydrogen fuels and nuclear power generation. It went on to consider what needs to be done nationally but also regionally to deliver this agenda.

The letter relayed the key points made during the meeting and asked six pertinent questions:

  1. How can we ensure carbon is factored into the design and approval of all Government funded projects?
  2. How can the Government further support hydrogen as a future energy source in the East of England and when can we expect to see the promised hydrogen strategy?
  3. When will a plan be available to deliver the Prime Minister’s commitment to 40GW of offshore wind by 2030; and will this include a vision on how this will be adequately funded?
  4. What are your observations regarding the need for intervention to ensure that grid development is coordinated with streamlined planning that better incorporates the North Sea and future offshore and onshore developments?
  5. Is there a date set for the publication of the Energy White Paper?
  6. Are there any plans for a Just Transition Commission or Advisory Board to look at the social implication of moving to a net zero economy as there is in Scotland?

The Secretariat will update stakeholders of the APPG when a response is received.

To read the full letter, click here.